I started brewing beer as a hobby in September of 2009. Soon after I started, my friend Steven suggested I call my beer beerik (beer + Erik = beerik). I decided to create a font for my beer logo using SolidWorks. Adobe Illustrator probably would have worked better, but at the time I did not know how to use Illustrator. I created each letter based on certain rules that would apply to all of the letters so their size and proportions would be consistent.

Below is an image of the letter 'e' created in SolidWorks next to a screenshot of the letter head on which would then be imported into Photoshop.

Below is the entire logo created from each letter designed in SolidWorks. The letters were imported into Photoshop where they were converted to black and white and combined to create the final logo.

Once the logo was finished, I created a label using the logo and an image of myself that was converted to black and white. An image of the label for the fifth batch of beer I made is shown below.