My name is Erik Roby; I graduated from the University of Washington in June of 2008 with a degree in mechanical engineering. I created this website as an online portfolio and resume to highlight the projects I have worked on. A summary containing many of the projects on this website can be found in the portfolio file below.

(portfolio .pdf)

I am very interested in mechanical design and the interaction between mechanical components and electrical or simple computer systems (such as a microcontroller). I am also interested in startup companies.

The projects shown on this website fall into one of three categories: Business Projects, BSME Projects, and Recent Projects. The Business Projects section shows mainly business plan competitions and startup companies I have worked with. BSME Projects shows many of the projects I worked on during my time at UW that were in mechanical engineering classes. The Recent Projects section shows engineering related projects I have worked on since graduating. The image below shows a photorealistic render of an iPhone case I designed that has a built in power supply to charge the phone.

The image below shows a SolidWorks screenshot of the P3P, an open-source rapid prototyping machine that my team and I created while in the Mechanical Engineering Department at UW.

The image below shows part of the Advanced Motion Technologies team during the Investment Round of the 2008 UW Business Plan Competition.

Photo: Fareid Asphahani, Erik Roby, Abhishek Kumar (left to right)

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