Fan Part II

This was the final project for ME 480 (Introduction to Computer-Aided Technology). The purpose was to create an assembly using the Stratasys Dimension 3D Printer. The model below is a fan assembly which was created by modifying the model I created in ME 123 to create a desk fan with an embedded motor. An exploded view of the assembly is shown below.

Several changes had to be made to the original model. The main body had to be split into two parts so the motor could be inserted after the build. Several dimensions had to be changed to account for the limitations of the 3D printer as well as add length to the body required by the motor. The blade part was modified to allow it to spin inside of the body and attach to the motor. Voids and pins were added so the two parts of the body could be pressed together; the pins can be seen in the above image. Images of the design and the finished assembly are shown below.

The motor was attached to the blade using a two part quick set epoxy. The original plan was to find a switch that could be added behind the motor, but we were not able to find a small enough switch to fit in a reasonably sized housing. One concern during the design of the fan was if the motor would be powerful enough to overcome friction between the blade part and the fan body, in the end this was not an issue. The image below shows the embedded motor. It also shows that one of the smaller pins was not built thick enough and broke off.

Team member: Jacob Hiester